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Which WordPress Theme to Choose: Free or Premium?

free event wordpress themes

By watching out the increasing popularity of the WordPress, developers and designers have come up with the amazing & new WordPress themes. Eventually, there are two types of themes that are available in the market: Most Popular Free Word-Press Themes and premium wordpress themes.

There is also a huge debate upon the thing that which themes to prefer, whether free or premium ones. Well, both are great to work with, depending upon the type of website and the features that you want to include. As, everything has pros and cons, similarly free and premium wordpress themes, do have the same. So, here below are given some of the advantages and disadvantages of the themes.

Advantages of Free WordPress Themes

  • One of the biggest advantage is that it’s free and there is no risk of money if you are not satisfied with the features. And, later you can try out some other.

  • There is a huge library on the internet where you can find out some of the best and most prominent themes. Also, there are categories which can serve you the best. For example, Free WordPress Event Themes. With so many choices in front of you, sometimes, it becomes bit difficult for you to choose from.

Disadvantages of Free WordPress Themes

  • The biggest disadvantage of the free themes is that, there are fewer options for you to customize your website in your own way. And, for this, you need to be an expert in coding for the greater understanding. By this, you can make changes accordingly.

  • Do not ever expect an update, if you are dealing with a free theme. There will also be compatibility issues that will be faced by you.

  • Another huge problem that goes hand on hand with the free wordpress themes is that if you are dealing with some sort of problem, no virtual help is available for the users. Large number of themes are developed everyday and usually these are low in quality with no more features.

  • Practically, the free themes that are available sometimes make it a compulsion for you to keep the developer’s name in the footer & further more these can’t be removed.

Whereas, the premium Word-Press themes are developed by the professional experts that are fully skilled in this domain and are abundant with the great features. The developers who develop the themes and sell do not compromise with the quality. They will not jeopardize their reputation by creating sub-standard themes. So, if you are running a big business and want to set a pool of happy and loyal customers, buying a premium theme will solve any of your problem.


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